first impressions really do count!

...just like your mother always told you


Many of our clients already have an established website, but are frustrated with it.  Maybe it is difficult for them to maintain, make changes to or worse rely on someone else to make the changes for them!?! Sometimes, plug-ins are out-of-date or it just doesn't look right on mobile devices.

We assist our clients by rolling over and updating their outdated sites to Squarespace.

rollover and update an old website

Package Starts at $1,000

We migrate your outdated site from WordPress, Tumblr, Blogger and Squarespace 5 to the most current version of Squarespace.  Once transferred, we integrate your content into a responsive Squarespace template, optimize your design and implement any changes you would like to see made.

Your new updated website on squarespace will include:

  • Up to five professionally designed custom pages

  • Subscriber opt-in form

  • Mobile responsive design

  • Site submission to Google and Bing for indexing

  • Built in Search Engine Optimization

  • Social media account integration

  • Built-in website analytics

  • Custom domain mapping

  • One hour free technical training once site is complete

Since we only take on one client at a time and we prepare our clients in advance, our website design process takes two weeks.


Looking for a little more?

Partner it with anyone of our add on services to power your business to the next level.