The Crafted Studio

services completed

custom e-Commerce website built on The SQUARESPACE Platform



The Craft.ed Studio, located in Concord, Massachusetts, is a new boutique DIY craft studio that offers hands-on classes for a variety of craft workshops for adults and kids. Customers join instructor-led workshops where they create custom craft projects and more! The Craft.ed Studio needed a website that had the capability of booking their spots to their workshops. The Craft.ed Studio looked to Squarespace for a user-friendly and mobile responsive website platform for her new business.



  • have the ability to sell spots for upcoming craft workshops online

  • display upcoming events on a clean, cohesive calendar

  • make the user experience visual, unique and “on brand”

  • connect to The Craft.ed Studio’s social media platforms

  • an overall site that is easy to the eye, not cluttered, and one they can control and add to anytime on the backend easily

  • continue to build an email subscriber list for their newsletters

  • being mobile responsive!


After assessing the needs and goals of the site, Beth worked directly with Sue at The Craft.ed Studio to lay out the site and the details of each workshop that would be included in the site’s launch. The schedule of each workshop was integrated in the calendar layout on Squarespace so the visitor can easily visualize upcoming events.

The Crafted Studio Concord MA Custom Squarespace Commerce Website 3.png

Each product workshop is tagged and categorized based on designated categories so the products are displayed as adult or kid craft events. Moving forward The Craft.ed Studio can easily duplicate the workshop and add workshops to the online shop as needed.

The Craft.ed Studio is well positioned for growth as their site empowers them, gives ownership and the ability to continue to grow as their business expands.