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we've got your back

GBM gets your new site up and running quickly and smoothly within a two week timeframe.  Once we are ready to hand off your site, we will train you how to make changes to it going forward. The beauty of Squarespace is you can still have a professional website without knowing code, without worrying about about plug ins and it is all backed by the all-in-one platform that powers the web.

You just freed up a ton a time and we all know - time is money.

our focus

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We only take on one website design client at a time so our attention is dedicated to your project.


We supply you with homework to complete and gather your logos and graphics, take pictures, write content. Once complete, you are given a schedule to book your launch date!

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Projects finish with a one hour lesson how to make changes going forward on your site


Our add on services can be tacked on at any time!


TWO WEEKS TO LAUCH YOUR NEW SITE!  What should you expect?


Prep phase

  1. Once we chat and a launch date is determined, you will receive homework from GBM that needs to be completed.  It is important that the homework is completed on time so you launch stays on schedule.
  2. During this time is when you will brainstorm what your dream website will look and feel like and write your content.  You will gather photos, logos, and videos and forward along to GBM through Dropbox or a shared Google Drive folder.


  1. On day 1, we will chat about your business, goals for your site, and get on the same page in terms of style, must haves and wishes.
  2. We will take your content, photos, videos, and graphics and start creating your custom site!

week 2

  1. You will see your site and you will create a list of as many edits, revisions as you will like. 
  2. On the last day, we will sit with you or connect on Google Meet Up to give you a full lesson specific to your site.  After an hour, you will feel confident updating and editing your site in the future!  We officially hand off your site to you and you LAUNCH!