Bedford Farms

Ice Cream

services completed

Built A custom website

claimed their business on google

established a social media presencE

built e-commerce store using squareup




Bedford Farms Ice Cream is a family owned and operated business that serves homemade ice cream year round to New Englanders.  Having three shops and 60 employees to manage, streamlining their business processes was an utmost importance. When they decided to open their third ice cream shop in 2015, their need for a new site became crucial. The Bedford Farms had communicated basic information, but the backend was limiting and frustrating when they wanted to make any changes.  They felt as though they were missing an opportunity for their customers to place orders online and improve user interface. 


goals for THE NEW site included:

  • becoming mobile responsive!

  • give customers the ability to place orders online at any time of the day

  • post changes to the store hours while on the go

  • incorporate more visuals, less words

  • have the ability to change and update information easily

  • profile their social media platforms

  • build an e-commerce store on Squareup

  • build an email subscriber list for newsletters


Grey Barn Media worked alongside Bedford Farms and created a site that is easy to scroll and where customers are able to place orders at anytime of the day.  Customers can easily make purchases from their online store, view their flavors, and find their shops and hours easily.  On the backend, customer orders are automatically emailed to designated accounts and are simultaneously recorded on their Google drive.  By putting these processes in place, Bedford Farms has tripled their online orders and have provided a great user experience for their customers.